Tuesday, August 10, 2010


ok...so I ususally only post scrapbooking stuff here...but I need to VENT...so this is where I'm going to do it!!! 

I left work tonight at 3:45, picked up my son from his last day of camp (school starts tomorrow) and got home at 4:15.  Opened the garage door (remote) and parked, entered through the laundry room (Joseph - age 6 in front of me) and as I looked ahead in the hallway, I can see into the master bedroom and I thought "man, what did the dogs do to mess up the vertical blinds so badly"...then I realized that our bedroom arcadia door was "off" the track and leaning, my husbands top dresser drawer was open and his clothes were on the floor....  INSTINCT KICKS IN.... I yell to Joseph to STOP and come with ME NOW>>>>>>  NOW NOW>>>> back into the garage, and out into the driveway....... SOMEONE HAS BROKEN INTO OUR HOUSE......  call 911......   go get neighbors....  call husband to come home IMMEDIATELY.....   as I'm on the phone w/911, I walk over to the front of the house (which we can't see form teh driveway) and the front door is WIDE OPEN.     I peek in the front door and see that the TV is there, but the Wii is gone!!! 

So...long story short.....  they stole ALL our jewelry, (my husband doesn't wear his wedding band since he's a massage therapist and it would get all messy when he works)..... they stole my son's Wii all the accessories and games....the router to our "second" computer, lot of PC games.  An old purse of mine (the last one when I did a 'switch' a few weeks ago when I got a new one - hopefully if there were any credit cards in there, they are expired)..... a safe with some "collectible" money ($2 bills, silver certificates...etc)...  AND my CAMERA's!!!!!!    Our FLIP (with current videos not downloaded), ...and probably the worst is that in my jewelry box that they stole was 5-6 "tooth fairy" teeth....  luckily I scrapped the 1st two that he lost...but the rest are now gone!!!

They did not hurt our 2 dogs....LOUD barkers...obviously not much BITE!!!  They did not take my "main" computer or router....they did not take my son's wallet or his "spend", "save" and "give" jars....(full of cash)...and they are right next to our charging station which they completely wiped out.  There is no other damage to our house, including the door they broke into.....so as violated and terrible as this is...it really could have been much worse!!!    We do have to have our carpets cleaned though, from the police fingerprint dust..that crap is nasty!!!

So...I'm still around...although I have lots of research, receipt searching and phone calls to make...so if I'm not around for a few days or my posts are late...I apologize..... Life is getting in the way of scrapping right now, I'm guessing.  (although scrapping may be what keeps me sane)..  -- oh, they STOLE nothing from my scrap area...(too messy and intimidating to even get close too...lol!!!)


My son would not leave our side for the entire evening....can't say I blame him!
As I'm done and ready for bed, I realize that he's already in our bed....  it's going to be a long night!!!


  1. OMYGOSH!!! Joni!! I am soooooooooooo sooooooooooooooo sorry!!! This happened to us last July!! Scariest thing ever ever ever!!! I absolutely HATE that peeps have this in them... really truly hate it!!! We have an alarm system now and bars on the window... I hate living like this...but now I know... if you want to know my security company ... just email me... i am sooooooooooo sorry....this totally sucks... i know how horrible this is..... {{hugs}}

  2. Joni.....That is sooooo horrible!! I can't even imagine how violated you must feel!! And now the follow up work...what a major pain that will be!! My thoughts are with you....
    barb :)

  3. Oh no, Joni! I'm so sorry to hear that but I'm gald you're safe.

  4. Oh no Joni, that is just horrible. My thoughts are with you today.