Thursday, February 2, 2012

School 3-Peat

So today at SKETCHES IN THYME we have the sketch below....  oh my...I was freaking myself out with this one!!  I actually did a layout that I HATED (you probably won't see that one posted!!)  ....  so I tried it again...and I"m really thrilled with how it turned out.  See it below!!  I like it so much that I'm going to submit it to SNR magazine for a call in the future for "multiple pics" on a page.  I thought this was a unique and fun way to show that!!  Thanks to Tiffany for another sketch to get me out of my box and "challenge" me!!  (that's what it's about, right?!!)

So the pics here are from December 2011 at Joseph's school assembly.
1) He had a speaking part in their little play
2) He got perfect attendance award
3) He got Student of the Month (surprise)
Hence...the 3 Peat title.
Papers & embellies are Little Yellow Bicycle school line from last summer.
(still have it...still love it...still using it!!)


  1. Gorgeous! I can't believe the first one was that bad :0) Yay! At last I can leave a comment ....been trying for over a week!!!! Ali x

  2. Loveeeeeeeeeeee this!!!! You rocked that sketch! I loveeeee the photos and loving the title! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. <3 this Joni.. I am home but SICK so don't come over! I will call you later xoxoe