Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Punkin Chunkin....

This week at SKETCHES IN THYME we have this cool sketch...

And my layout:

And I wanted to share this very simple layout that I did with one of the Valentines Joseph gave to us...
It's not "worthy" to be submitted anywhere, but I love that I got it scrapped for the memory.
It's all about what he cute! 
I love the "you won't beleve it" and "sighned"
(and he wrote his name in cursive)


  1. These are fabulous my friend!! LOVING that title for the pumpkin one and love love love that you scrapped his Valentine!! Toooooooooooo sweet!!

  2. I totally didn't even know that people actually did that! I thought it was just something Modern Family made up. LOL! But too fun! Great pics, and that honeycomb paper is scrumptious!

  3. Joni, I have missed your yummy inspiration.....It appears that you are still cranking out those awesome good to be back and visiting you again!
    Kim xXx