Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Don't waste ink/mist... and 2 layouts

This was supposed to be my post for Frosted Designs later in the month, but it was moved up... so hope you enjoy.  (It doesn't match the post date at Frosted...sorry).

Hello all, Joni Parker here to share a little "dirty fun" today!!  And how to not waste ink or paint when using a mask/stencil.

Someone shared this little tip with me a while back and now I do it ALL THE TIME.
Decided to share it with you.

So when I use a mask or stencil I don't want to waste the "excess" medium (ink or paint) that lands "on top" of the plastic....

So, here I have a Heidi Swapp Mask (available in the Frosted Designs store)

I'm going to use a polka dot paper and a sheet of white cardstock.
I'm also using Ranger Dylusions Ink Spray today (it's a teal blue color).
I've already laid the "greenish" mask on the polka dot paper in the photo below.

Below I've sprayed the mask with the teal ink spray.
It's hard to see the mask since the it's all covered up with the teal ink, but trust me, it's there.
So, part of my ink is soaking through to the paper and the rest is "laying on top" of the plastic....just beading up.  Let's not waste that!!

So, I grab my white cardstock and lay it right on top of the inked mask.

Press firmly all over the cardstock to push that excess ink on the mask into that top piece of paper. 

Now gently separate the two sheets.
Remove and clean your mask and let the papers both dry.

Here is what I ended up with. 

And here are the 2 layouts that I created using those backgrounds.

I do this all the time, even if I don't yet have an idea for the 2nd page.  Just sometimes nice to have an extra background that I can grab and use when I want something quick and handmade.

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