Sunday, August 24, 2014

I'm back after a short break...(break...ha ha, pun intended)

I'm so thrilled to be back in the swing of things....I had a rather unfortunate situation that left me unable to scrap for a time.... 6 weeks to be exact!!!    My husband, myself and son were in a car accident on July 10th.  My son (he's 10) only had minor bruises (praise God!) -- and my husband had some bruises and a broken leg.  Now, somehow I got the worst of it...I had the same chest and stomach bruises from the seatbelts as my ds and dh....but I also got my legs jammed under the dashboard so I had some leg injuries and my right knee required surgery.  I also had a fracture to one of my vertebrae and a broken rib.  But the real crazy injury is that I broke BOTH HANDS (right hand required surgery).  I was holding a piece of paper in front of me when the impact occured, so we think the airbag hit my hands. it's 6 weeks later and I'm doing better and have been able to scrap again (I'm calling it therapy...not only for my mind, but also for my hands!!)

Sorry for the long explanation.... today I wanted to share some layouts using our Frosted Design kits intermixed.  I love that they can so easily coordinate with each other!!

So, when the accident happened, I already had started some layouts using the July "Enchanted" kit.
These first two below also use the wood plaques from the previous "Capture the Moment" kit and are actually size 9x9 and are for a friend's baby book.
After I used part of the background paper, I wanted to use the "rest" of it on the second page, but didn't have quite enough.  So, I used a piece of blue paper in the center, and used the stencil and some paint to make the transition between the upper and lower pieces. 
Note on the Nana layout, the fairy above the flower is from the newest kit "Summer's End".

This next one was halfway done using the "Enchanted" kit, but I just couldn't figure out how to finish it up.
Then when I sat down with the "Summer's End" kit, I knew the flowers, wood & metal embellishments were the perfect final touches!!

And this last one, I started with the "Summer's End" kit but also used a few other items from the store.
I used the embossing powder from the "Enchanted" kit - it blends in with the blue mist, but it's a subtle accent.   (Thanks to my son for spritzing the mist for me..I don't quite have the hand strength to do that yet!)  I also used the Hazel and Ruby Mask Alphas (ERUPTION) and outlined the negative space with a Glaze Pen.


  1. So glad you are back my friend!!! LOVE YOU!!!!

  2. So glad that you guys are mending and sooooo happy to see you able to scrap again.

  3. Oh man, glad you are doing better!