Sunday, October 18, 2009

Animal Memories (ScrapFIT #6)

I had a total blast doing this layout!!!  This is for a challenge at ScrapFIT (#6) 
The challenge was
1) Black & White Cardstock
2)  2 (no more or less) pieces of patterned paper
3) Distressing
4) word "memories" in title
5) Black & white photos

So, this is Joseph at the "Hoe-down" playing in the petting zoo
(yea, I know....I keep doing this subject..but I took lots of photos and I'm not done sharing the stories yet!!)

This also fit a challenge at Personal Scrapper (crop) to create a frame (I framed the black with the white and also doodled a frame border around the outside)


  1. And, you did it all wonderfully! I love the black and white theme too. Honey, I never get tired of cutie pies like that!
    Kim xXx

  2. Fantastic LO! Good seeing you again at ScrapFIT!!!

  3. Wholy Hole Punchers Batman!!! THIS IS FABULOUS!!! girl I am diggin on this

    You so rock


  4. What a SPECTACULAR layout you did for the scrapfit workout. Nice having you back :)