Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cheree Trees (Scrappiest #51)

Sketch 51 at The Scrappiest is show below.  Someone asked me how I can so easily flip the sketch in another direction.  Well, I guess if you've been doing it a while, it just seems easy.  I just don't really think about it.  But I guess the easiest answer is just to say...turn the piece of paper to the left, right or upside down.  Then just GOOOO with it....  So, I'm also going to show below the sketch flipped upside down...since that's exactly what I did to it!!! 

  Joseph came home with this really cute drawing on the back of his school work (they draw if they are done before the rest of the class)....well, I LOVED his Cherree Trees!!! So, I used some Niki Silvis paper and a pic from a few months ago. I couldn't figure out the title, then I realized that his "TITLE says it all".


  1. This looks amazing rotated!!!
    Great job!

  2. Rotating this sketch really worked for this LO! And don't you just love the creative spellings our children use!?! I love the way you included his picture in the LO! So adorable!

  3. Hi Joni!

    Love your sons drawing in the layout, a great colorful page :)


  4. Wow! Rotating the sketch was such a good idea. Your layout looks great!

  5. Such a great layout! I love the vibrant colors.

  6. love how you flipped this! the colors are awesome too! thanks for playing!

  7. Awesome job with the sketch Joni! Love how you included the drawing!