Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Lots of DT layouts today and a great Lemonade Story!

It's MAY!!! 
This ended up being a pretty long post...hope you hang around til the end!


And yesterday was the big reveal for MEMORABLE SEASONS DT --
This month I got Pink Paisee Hometown Summer line to work with:

B side of the double sided papers:

And here are the projects I created:

This layout was fun... I just cut out the center of the paper & distressed it....stitched around the outer edge (in orange...can you see it?).... added some orange paint splatters & Circles of that fun Thermometer paper... -- One thing I wanted to share about the photos on this one. When I was taking them, I realized that he was "looking down at his feet" a lot.... so I got down on the ground and shot a few looking up at him so I'd have some shots of his face. (See photo #3) -- Always thinking about scrappin' when I'm taking pics..(is that good or bad?)

For this layout, I went back and pulled some Watermelon photos from summer 2009. I really liked the watermelon pattern, but didn't want to over do it...and I liked the pink squares on the b side of the same paper....so I decided to grid out the page and this is how it turned out:

Now this one, I almost couldn't do...it was pretty emotional for me... (It's my grandparents house).. But I pushed through it and now I'm sooo happy I have this documented. Now as I'm staring at the photo, I don't think I like that heart stick pin placed where it is...it looks like it's coming out of the girl's head..lol!! I think I'm going to move it...

This last layout I wanted to do a swimming photo, so this is a pic from last summer.

And of course my card:

Ok... something I normally don't do, but I'm so proud that i wanted to share this:

We had a yard sale on Saturday ..and my 7 year old son  did something that I'm soooo proud of....Momma's just gotta share!
Joseph had a lemonade stand set up and he was accepting donations for the Arizona Humane Society:

He had even planned for this by getting items donated sugar, ice, straws...etc....from Chik-Fil-A, another local restaurant, Fry's and a friend let him come over and we picked and hand squeezed all the lemons. (A labor of love).. He's very shy, so asking for these items was a step out of his comfort zone... (a good thing).

So after the yard sale, we took the box of donated items (lots of towels, brushes, leashes, bowls..etc) and $50 cash to the AZ Humane Society. They are so great about encouraging kids...last time, they went and got a hamster and took his picture with the hamster (which ended up coming home with us)...today they took his picture with a little puppy that wasn't yet ready for adoption (only 6 weeks old, must be 10 weeks to be ready for adoption) ..   but Joseph got to give him a name.... he named him Joey. Then cried all the way home cuz he fell in love with that puppy.   He's adorable...how could you not?  So here is Joseph & Joey!

Oh...and also this is my DT week to post a challenge at Memorable Seasons...  So in preparation for our CROP this weekend... My challenge is to do a "soft" layout...  whatever that makes you think of.... For me it's pastel colors.... I don't do them often...I do BOY layouts...  so...here is my Boy Layout using pastel colors (and flowers).  This is Joseph (left) and his friend Kyle (right).  I lifted a layout I saw by Isay!

Hey...if you're still here... thanks for sticking with me!!  I know this was a long post!!


  1. I'm still with you. Great blog post today Joni!

  2. OMYGOSH!!! I have tears in my eyes for what Joseph did for the Humane Society!! GO HIM! YAY!! Tell him that we got Mr. Dandy from there!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee all your lo's! LOVING those paint splatters on the first one! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)