Monday, November 23, 2009

SOS Contest -- Fun times!!

Contest going on at Scrap Our Stash Blog  -- a fun little game.  Each Design Team member, (yes that fortunately includes myself) had taken a picture of their "stash".  Then each DT member has left a clue somewhere on their blog.  So, you just need to check out the photos & the blogs ... make the matches and enter.  (see details on the SOS blog...linked above)

So without further ado:  Here's my clue

You know, I'm a pretty messy scrapper. My table is always messy, I have so many supplies that I can't keep everything organized. So this also filters down to my "scraps"... my "extra" paper just gets shoved into a bin. Every once in a while when I clean off my table, I just toss all the extra embellies into another bin. Works for me, I guess.....  My photo is literally a picture of my SCRAPS!!!

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