Monday, April 19, 2010

Some Misc Layouts

Here's a few "misc" layouts that I've done that aren't for any DT's or challenges...just for me!

1) Yogi - pic of Joseph at the Yoga Studio before a Jai Uttal concert (Kirtan).  He likes going to Kirtan's with us and for a 6 year old, everyone is always amazed that he can just sit still and be entertained for 2 hours.  But he loves music, so that's why it's so easy for him.  Here he's showing off his new bracelet Daddy got for him.

2) Cherry Pie - pics my bff Erika took of Joseph when she took him out for Cherry Pie at Village Inn last summer when she was so graciously watching him for us over summer break!

3) Tug o War - just wanted to scrap these fun pics of Joseph that I took while he was holding one end of the "doggie rope" and I was holding the other end in one hand and my camera in the other...the journaling mentions..."like I wasn't going to let go?"

4)  Tree =1   Joseph = 0
--- ok, this one WAS for a was a sketch on Scraproom (kit club) ... It was posted in their gallery so it didn't make it to my blog and I just realized it.   Pic of Joseph climbing the tree and the battle scar the tree gave him.


  1. I love the titles! I love that you scrap the everyday moments and memories! So funny and awesome!

  2. Great layouts Joni! Isn't it fun when we create for ourselves!