Friday, April 2, 2010

Cowboy Denim layout - Clothing Optional (tip)

My DT at Scrap Our Stash does a really cool thing on Fridays.  We post a "Frugal Friday" tip...ways to help save money when scrapping.  So this week, I submitted my tip.  Here is what I wrote up and my layouts.
Now, using fabric on a layout is really nothing new. But here's how I got really frugal about it!

Every couple months, one of the local churches has a rummage sale and it's "all you can fit in a grocery bag" for $7.00.  So not only do I do a little second hand shopping, but I'm always on the lookout for things I can use on layouts or altered items.
So a few months ago, I found a ladies white T-shirt (size Small...needless to say, I'm NOT a size small) and what caught my eye was the tag on the arm that said "Parkers Jeans". Well, since my last name is Parker, this went directly into my bag. When I got home, I realized the neck tag and also the tag along the inner seam (at the waist) was also useable -- yea, 3 tags!!. So, cut them off and into my "bin".
So, the sale was again last weekend, I picked up a really pretty shirt for my husband....who is 6'5'', so getting shirts that are long enough is challenging. After he tried it on, and it was too short....he accused me of only buying it becuse of the cool buttons. (Brown with Palm Trees). GUILTY as charged. I was hoping it fit him, but plan B wasn't so bad, right? Anyway, I had the shirt in my scrap area and cut off the buttons (yep, into the bin) and the shirt was in my trash can.
I had started a layout of my son and realized a piece of that shirt would be perfect, denim color/look but more lightweight, so I pulled it out and started cutting it up. Well, I realized I liked it so much, that I wanted the entire background to be the shirt fabric. So, I cut out the center back of the shirt a little larger than 12x12, laid it out flat, without stretching it, and glued it to a piece of chipboard. Then I also attached the corners with brads to keep it secure. I even used another strip of the shirt and pleated it and sewed it along the right edge (sewing also further adhered the fabric). Notice I also used that "Parkers Jeans" tags right on the pictures??
So, I figured out how much stuff I get in one $7.00 bag and each item ends up being less than 50 cents (most times, it's more like 33 cents). So this layout cost me around one dollar. Now, if you don't have a church rummage sale, you could also get good bargains at yard sales and thrift stores...or even in your own closet or check your kids clothes before you give them away!!

ALSO this is my second layout posted today...SCROLL DOWN OR CLICK ON "PUCKER UP BABY" ON THE SIDEBAR to see my other layout today... (Color challenge & really old photo of Joseph)


  1. Such a fantastic and fun layout! I am so loving the denim and the bottom border! Just fantastic, Joni! Creative as always!
    Kim xXx